Our #1 Goal is to
reach & convert customers.
Get more leads, sales and conversions through highly targeted social media advertising. Target potential consumers by their age, gender, interests.
Pre Ad Creation

& Initial Research

-Identify strategy based on goals.

-Creating a list of interests and placing them in the ad system.

-Setting a not-to-exceed daily spending budget.

-Build custom audiences for retargeting.

-Setting up proper geographical targets.

Ads Development

& Creative Implementation

-Creating ads and putting them in rotation

-Conversion tracking set-up and implementation

-Use data driven results to expand audience targeting

Campaign Management

& Transparent Reporting

Testing – Once your campaign goes live we will test a number of variables to determine the best performing ads. Tests can include images, interest groups, placement, gender, location, audiences and more.

Ad Spend Management – Monitor the budget to be sure allocation is being done properly across account.

Monitoring – We will monitor and adjust your campaigns on a regular basis.

Reporting – Email updates, phone or virtual meetings and performance reports.