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Organic vs. Paid Search: What’s Better For Your Business in 2022?

There are two types of social engine marketing: organic and paid. We cover all the reasons why it’s actually not a competition between the two!

By Hugo Iriarte

August 23, 2022

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Organic Search vs Paid Search

Organic search traffic comes from people finding your website link through a search engine result, also known as search engine optimization, which influences your organic presence. Paid search traffic is attributed to a visitor clicking on your website link in an advertising position that was paid for to appear at the top of search results.

Unless you are part of that 19% that uses Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine, we all go to the same spot.


Just think about how often you suggest “Google It” when you need pretty much ANY information. After searching for something on Google, millions of results populate on the search engine result page (SERP) after a fraction of a second.

Google shows you two completely different yet equally valuable traffic sources to users: paid search and organic search. The method of acquiring traffic from paid search is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and the organic process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Now let’s go over the key differences between organic and paid search.

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Organic Search

Whenever you type a question into Google, the list of organic links appears below the paid search positions; Those organic links are also known as “organic results.”

These organic results appear purely based on the quality of the content on the page, the positioning of the header tags, image alt tags, your metadata, and the structure on the page.

Organic traffic is widely considered the most valuable traffic source for various reasons:

  • Google directs the highest amount of traffic and is the most trusted source for people searching.
  • Google is very particular about its ranking and ranking the top five results for a keyword indicates that your SEO is optimized.
  • Moving up in the ranks is very difficult and takes time, but you’ll reap the benefits for a long time once you’re there.
  • Results on the first page of google receive 92% of all search traffic

The Google algorithm has decided that the top organic results have the most helpful information. This is why they rank highly for keywords that you type into Google, also known as a query. Google crawl bots scan your page for various things like a proper structure, tags, metadata, keywords, great content, and much more.

To optimize your page and rank highly in organic search results, you need to employ SEO techniques. Some companies pay a lot of money to specialized SEO agencies to rank. However, ranking with SEO is a long-term process, and seeing results often takes six months to climb the rankings.

Paid Search

Paid searches are those companies that have paid to appear at the top of all the organic searches. Despite the little text that says “ad,” many consumers are unaware that advertisements are even. The ads feel native and fit seamlessly into all the other results.

For these reasons, paid search has been more popular in recent years as organic search becomes more competitive. The rise of COVID-19 and our digital transfer has boosted the industry. Rather than having to wait patiently for your SEO to build up, you can pay for the chance to get seen on page one of Google immediately.

It has been assumed that whoever pays the most in Google Ads will have the best visibility, but there are processes like Organic Search Results. There are also quality scores that consider your copy, landing page quality, and much more to ensure that the ads that rank highly are relevant for searchers.

When starting your first Google Ads campaign, you need to be tactful. When done right, you can start getting a ton of targeted traffic to your landing pages much quicker than you would be able to form an organic search.

Conclusion: Organic Search vs. Paid Search, What is Better For My Business?

The best answer is both.

If you weigh the pros and cons of organic search vs. paid search, sit down with your team and examine your timeline and budget.

Both paid and organic search strategies complement each other. Paid search is best implemented once your website SEO has been optimized. The boost you give your brand with any advertising campaign is beneficial to your website.

Take a look at your goals, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your available options.

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