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How to Take Your Business Online

There are two quick ways to get your business online. Creating your website and setting up your social media accounts. What is better for your online presence?

By Hugo Iriarte

August 23, 2022

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Picking Your Online Presence

To deceide how to get your business online, start by considering what your customers need to do when they visit you online. When it’s time to get your business online your first thought may be to open a social media account. While a social media presence can be effective, its not the only option. When a consumer is in the market to visit a business online their go to location is a search engine, not social media.

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Consumers spend tons of time online, and much of their activity is around researching companies where they can spend their money. If you don’t have a website they can’t find you through traditional search engines. But guess what, your competitors have a website, which means that they are the ones taking all the market share of leads for any given query.

While Creating a social media account may seem like a quick, low-cost solution to establish an online presence, those platforms are not search intent. Search intent means the user found your business because they were searching for something online. Also these social media platforms don’t give you much control over your content and design and are limited to the ability to reach a certain audience.

A website specially designed for your business, with its own design, its own domain name and own email address will help you establish a very creditable and professional brand. While there is a cost associated with building and hosting your website, the return on investment can be substantial.

Social Media

When it comes to your business online presence, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest can be a free and quick way to get started. Social media platforms allow two-way interactions between a user and your business. While it is fairly easy to establish a social media presence, discovering new customers and building a following is much harder than traditional Search Engine Optimization for a website

Social media also requires more frequent content to be posted with user interactions on those posts for their algorithms to even consider your content to be a credible source. Growing your following take time, so do not get discouraged. Invite your customers to like your page. You can put up a sign in your store with a QR code that when scanned takes the user to your social media account. Also don’t be afraid to directly ask your customers to like and follow you online.

Conclusion: Website Vs. Social Media, What is Better For My Business Online Presence?

The best answer is both.

When it comes to getting your business online we think having social media accounts along with having a website will get you the best results. There is a saying that says, “Don’t dump all your eggs into one basket” and that also could be applied to this question. 

We believe having your business everywhere possible is not the only way to online success, but its the quickest way to online success. 

A user may find you on social media and will want to checkout your website for creditability and likewise a user may find you through a search engine and would want to see your social media to see how you interact with your clients.

Creating an online precense for your business overall is not easy. But doing so will help you find new customers and engage with your existing customers to make future purchases.

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